BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Was Just Caught ON VIDEO Cheating The Election!

Hillary Clinton never ceases to make a bad situation worse for herself. But the liberal mainstream media always cleans up her messes for her.

On an airplane in front of numerous reporters Clinton was asked a question by a reporter with MSNBC. It was an easy question, a softball one meant to be easy and start of smooth sailing. But watch her response and you will see what she did wrong.

Watch here,

The video indicates Clinton being shown pre-approved questions on their phone so she can think of the answers beforehand and have a clean and articulate response already thought out. The video shows her getting and giving scripted questions and answers.

Which shows that Donald Trump was right all along when he said that Hillary Clinton had been cheating with the media to get pre-approved questions at debates as well as having scripted responses. But nobody believed it because Donald Trump said it.

She is running to be the President of the United States. Yet she cannot even get through a basic press conference without having her staff setup questions for her to be asked to make it easier for her. If she can not even answer simple questions how does she expect to be an amazing commander in chief? Better yet the leader of the free world. Presidents are forced to handle precarious and fast-changing circumstances and situations. They do not always have time to prepare.

So in reality she is not preparing at all to be a good President of the United States. As the old saying goes if you have to cheat your way to the top then you do not deserve it in the first place. But most importantly you will be woefully unprepared. Here’s hoping the American public sees that this November election.

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