WATCH: Hillary Clinton Makes Her Grand Entrance With The Most Unfortunate Song EVER! LMAO

Sometimes when you try to be clever, it backfires… it’s always a gamble.

In this case though, it was more like Hillary backfired, had all 4 tires blow, and then gets out of the car just in time to get rammed by a passing ice-cream truck…

The woman made an entrance to a song that was just not the right song to pick…sorta. It probably would have been fine, except CBS totally threw her under the bus…


Anywho…get your laugh on, check this out.

Daaaaang, someone needs to buy the person who wrote that script a drink! They provided us with some good entertainment right there.

I mean… AWKWARD!

That whole thing about Hillary, how ironic right?

However, the dialogue between the anchors themselves and the awkward ‘it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me’ and sticking their heads up Hillary’s you know what even further… was priceless.

Cowards really. So what if you read from a script, you don’t hold the thing up on air, wave it around and pass the blame over something you reported. It’s just tasteless in my opinion.

She was probably freaking out, that she was going to be the next social media target for ridicule..blah blah blah.

It’s sad really when you see people enslaved to that kind of fear…and when you are, that’s when you can label yourself a liberal.

Everything is an issue with them, because they didn’t get told the truth often enough growing up.

Hillary Clinton walked out to James Brown’s ‘I feel good’ … someone is STILL lying to her.

The woman is not well… and as for feeling nice like sugar and spice?

When did Satan get a spice cabinet?

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