Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Held A Press Conference In 257 Days. That’s Ridiculous

Conspiracy is forming around Hillary Clinton’s potential health problems. Sparked by an image showing her appear to require assistance from her handlers up a flight of stairs, all eyes are on her.

Even Donald Trump piled on, making claims of his own about Hillary’s failing health. “”Importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS and all of the many adversaries we face — not only in terrorism, but in trade and every other challenge we must confront to turn our great country around” he stated. Hillary replied, claiming Trump is “peddling deranged conspiracy theories in a desperate attempt to change the subject.”

Considering all of Hillary’s scandals, it seems that in reality, she’s the one always changing the subject. But that claim aside, if Hillary’s health really is so great, why does she take days off of campaigning at a time? Why is it reported that she’s exhausted after giving speeches, and requires hours to readjust? Why doesn’t she just clear this up and release her health records?

Perhaps the greatest evidence that Hillary isn’t fit enough to run the country is that she can’t even handle the stress of a press conference.

Via Infowars

It couldn’t be that long since Clinton has talked to the press, I thought.  So, I went to the handy-dandy tool that some guy named Philip Bump built to track how long it’s been since Clinton faced the press. And this is what I found:

Almost 258 days! Trump undersold something!

Jokes aside, it’s beyond ridiculous that one of the two people who will be elected president in 80 or so days continues to refuse to engage with the press in this way.

But she does sit-down interviews! And she did a “press conference” with a moderator, um, moderating the questions!

Not good enough. Not when you are running to be president of the United States. One of the most important things when someone is offering themselves up to represent all of us is that we get the best sense we can about how that person thinks on his or her feet, how they deal with unwanted or adversarial questions. Those two traits are big parts of doing the job of president in the modern world.

Are we going to get press conferences from her if she’s President one day? I doubt it.

Barack Obama pledged to have his administration be the most transparent in history, and it’s become the least. Hillary, pledges to continue the Obama legacy. Draw from that what you will…

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