Hillary Clinton Is CRYING Like A BABY After What Kellyanne Conway Just Did To Her…

Ever since she lost the election Clinton has been missing in action. She made her debut at an award ceremony where she looked as though she had been out through the ringer. She has blamed President Obama and even Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey for her Election Day loss. Everyone of course except herself.

She is likely writhing in embarrassment from the loss which is nobody has seen or heard much from her in the last few weeks since her presidential loss. What she should really be embarrassed and ashamed about is her pay to play, email server and Benghazi controversies. The lives she ruined and destroyed. But that would be asking too much from her.

But the President Elect’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway had the perfect response for Clinton. She sent a direct message to the former democratic nominee saying,

“I just can’t believe it’s always somebody else’s fault. Sometimes you just have to take a look in the mirror and reflect on what went wrong. What about the fact that they just got it wrong? What about the fact that they weren’t in touch with Americans, and the culture zeitgeist, and what motivates many Americans.

They misread America. They did not have her in red states. They were pretending that they were going to turn red blue. They were pretending.”

She said this on NBCs Meet the Press. She better preach it. Because everything she said was completely on point. The Clinton campaign was so far up their own behind they could not see the truth from the fiction they had created in their own minds. Worse off, they convinced the American people of that. Except for the silent majority who went to the voting booths and voted Trump.

They actually believed in the false reality they created for themselves. They truly believed it would be an easy election to win because they had everyone in their back pockets and she had the most experience. But she vastly underestimated the American people and the electoral college.

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