Hillary Clinton loses MORE electoral votes than Trump, one third dumped her in Washington!

Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton were never going to get the outcome they desired via the recount they spearheaded and filed for. Yet they still pushed on for it. Despite it exposing corruption in the majority democratic Detroit, Michigan. In fact, she lost four of her electoral votes yesterday due to faithless electoral voters in the state of Washington.

Instead these electorates voted for Colin Powell and American Indian activist Faith Spotted Eagle. Since Washington has only 12 electoral votes it means a third of their electors were unfaithful despite Clinton winning the popular vote in Washington by a landslide.

Some Vice Presidential votes went to Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Maria Cantwell, Senator Susan Collins and American Indian activist Winona LaDuke. It was all over the map and nobody could predict it. Collins is the first Republican woman to recieve a vote for president or Vice President in the state. Collins is the first in the state since Reagan in 1984.

The faithless electors of Washington were the first to cast their ballots for someonemother than the candidate who won their state in the popular vote. A Minnesota and MAine elector were ruled out of order and replaced and never had the chance to change their votes.

The $1000 faithless elector fine clearly did not deter these faithless electors. Donald Trump was once again triumphant and maintained his presidential win over democratic nominee Hillary Clinton who in fact lost electoral votes in the recount. While her scam may have worked momentarily it was never meant to last. Clearly President Elect Trump was not sweating much about it.

He saw is attempt for what it was. Nothing more than a sore loser trying to find a last ditch way to win whenever their was no hope left and the game wasn’t far over. Game over.


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