Hillary Clinton Offers Supporters Chance To Meet Rapper/Cocaine Dealer…

Hillary Clinton had attempted to link Donald Trump to the KKK countless times. She even went as far as to release a campaign ad where she quoted two KKK members supporting him, then tried to guilt him by association. By that logic, she’s also accountable for the $20,000 in donations she’d received from members of the KKK herself… which she hasn’t refunded.

And that’s not all. If we’re going to judge people by their donors, what does that say for Hillary? During the three years Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state (2009-2012), she appointed 194 of her donors to coveted spots on top advisory boards. All 194 individuals donated either directly to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s political campaigns, or, in many cases, both, according to Breitbart.

That’s some pretty obvious pay for play, and it shows that the corruption runs both ways. When it comes to Hillary, she truly is as corrupt as her donors. This week, in a bid to drive people to register to vote, her campaign website is offering the chance to meet one of her supporters from the music world.

As WeaselZippers reports:


Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced Wednesday that it is giving away a chance to meet the rapper Pusha T, known for his lyrics about selling cocaine.

The give-away asks individuals to register to vote — an alternate link allows them to enter without doing so — in order to meet Pusha T backstage.

This is isn’t the first interaction between Pusha T and the Clinton campaign. In August, Pusha T said over FaceTime that Clinton praised his efforts to increase voter registration. Pusha T stands for “Push a Ton” and most of songs are about selling cocaine.

Well, good on her for attracting the criminal vote.

She’s a criminal herself, so I suppose it’s not that surprising. If she really does become President, considering her decades of scandals that keep catching up to her, she may be the first President to have to pardon herself.


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