Hillary Clinton Crawls Out Of Her Dark Hole And Confirms Shocking Secret She’s Been Hiding For Years!

What in the world is Hillary Clinton up to now? She had set up her entire life in public service to climax with her making history as the first female president. Everyone in the mainstream media backed her, as did the overwhelming majority of figures in Hollywood and the rest of the entertainment industry.

And she was running against a man with no political experience. It was her election to win. And she lost.

She crawled into a hole following the election, presumably in embarrassment. I wouldn’t want to show my face either if I were her.

Naturally, the rumor mill then began to turn. She’s running for mayor of NYC, alleged “insiders” were quoted as saying. Not only that, she was already planning a 2020 presidential run!

Such rumors were just that: rumors. The woman clearly didn’t even have the constitution to serve a presidential term, and it’s much more likely that her days in government are now over (thank God). So what’s next for her? A book deal, apparently. As Truth Monitor reported:

Clinton announced through her publisher Simon & Schuster that she is working on a collection of personal essays that will touch on the 2016 presidential election. The book is set to be released this fall and will center around quotes that inspire Clinton.

The book will likely feature many criticisms of her victorious opponent Donald Trump. It will also give Clinton the opportunity to vent about the many people she blames for her loss, a list which now includes FBI Director James Comey, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and former President Barack Obama.

It should come as no surprise that it was also announced Clinton will be returning to her mega-fee speaking tour that’s seen her make upwards of $200-225,000 a speech. In doing so, she has resumed her relationship with the Harry Walker Agency, which has represented her for years.

In addition, Clinton has announced plans to give the commencement address at her alma mater of Wellesley College in the spring. She graduated from the all-women college back in 1969.

To be honest, I may read it just to see what she blames for her loss. Will she peddle the bogus narrative that “hate won,” rather than acknowledge that she lost because she was the most corrupt candidate in history, promising to continue the legacy of the worst president in history?


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