Hillary Clinton SLAMS The ‘1%’ At Latest Event, Check Out What She Did After


From Mad World: Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been off to a wildly miserable start with two of her stops so far ending with her being humiliated by the local people, and it just keeps getting worse for the washed-up windbag as her hypocrisy shined above whatever message she was trying to convey.

Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy has never been a huge secret, even though she’s always tried to conceal it, and according to MailOnline, it was on full display after she left a campaign event in New Hampshire, where she slammed the “richest one percent.” Hypocrisy is a common thing among Democrats, however, as they’ll rally against guns only to have armed security, force a healthcare law on us only to exempt themselves, and try to convince us that global warming is going to kill everybody while riding around in jumbo jets.

Hillary Clinton SLAMS The ‘1%’ At Latest Event, Check Out What She Did After

But with her it’s different this time, and Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy manifested itself in the form of taking liberties that “everyday Americans,” who she claims to be fighting for, wouldn’t necessarily be able to take. You see, she rides around in her van dubbed “Scooby” to show us average Joes that she’s just like us, but the truth of the matter is that Clinton has abused her power to become uber-wealthy, which makes her stump speech in New Hampshire against the rich even less credible.

Just hours before the presidential hopeful left the “Live Free or Die” state, she was quoted as saying, “The deck is stacked in their [the one percent] favor. My job is to reshuffle the cards.”

When she started her trek back to D.C., she hopped in the Secret Service guarded van and headed for Boston Logan International Airport to catch a flight, which most people wouldn’t see a problem with, and they’re right. The problem lies in the fact that on the way, her convoy passed exits for the Manchester, New Hampshire airport, which was 55 miles closer to Concord, where she departed from, and offered a flight two hours earlier. What it didn’t offer, however, was a flight with first-class seats.

That’s right, Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy is strong on this one. She could have easily jumped on the smaller aircraft and sat coach, but instead, she made the longer drive to catch the first-class flight, which is the first step down from chartering a private jet.

Her hypocrisy was also evident as her motorcade bolted through the state at 25 mph over the posted speed limits along Interstate 93, and the day prior, the Secret Service traveled at 93 mph on rain-soaked roads to make sure that Clinton arrived to dinner on time. Sure must be nice to be able to ignore the law so you can make it to a fundraiser on time, wouldn’t you say?

As we all know, Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy has always run deep, just like her Democrat comrades. She’s never believed the laws apply to her, and when she’s called to task on it, she cries sexism every time. Sorry, but calling someone out for refusing to follow the very laws they swear to uphold isn’t sexist, it’s calling out hypocrisy as we see it.

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