Hillary Clinton Strategist Calls For The Assassination Of Julian Assange On LIVE TV! WATCH!

Wikileaks hasn’t been kind to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Thanks to them, you can search the entire DNC email database on their website.

The DNC email hack has already shook up the organization quite a bit. One chain of emails showed insiders conspiring against Bernie Sanders so that Hillary Clinton could score the nomination. Among the many points of attack they had planned against Bernie was plans to use his religious faith (possibly Jewish), or lack-thereof, against him. How Progressive!

In Washington DC, politicians are bracing for more embarrassment after the ‘lone wolf’ hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 claimed another batch of internal emails and files relating to the Democratic Party had been sent to WikiLeaks for release.

There’s been a suspicious pattern of DNC whistle blowers dropping dead. On Tuesday, Assange himself suggested on a Dutch television program that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich could possibly be behind the devastating leaks exposing how Democrat operatives loyal to Hillary Clinton rigged the nomination against opponent Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately for Hillary, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is safe and sound overseas. That doesn’t mean they don’t want him dead – and trust me, they do.

Her backers even say as much.

Via American Patriot Daily

Bob Beckel, a CNN host, Democrat strategist, and supporter of Hillary Clinton, is now publicly calling for the illegal assassination of Julian Assange.

Beckel’s eyebrow-raising comments come amid the ongoing feud between Assange and the Clinton campaign.

Oh how lovely. With insane comments like that, it’s no surprise he’s hardly on Fox anymore.

I guess Hillary can adopt a new slogan: if you can’t beat them, kill them.

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