Hillary Clinton Thugs Brutally Attack Female Trump Supporter On Her Front Lawn and Film It! (VIDEO)

Throughout this entire election, where was the violence against the supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (or Martin O’Malley’s twelve supporters). The mainstream media warned us about Trump’s supposedly violent rhetoric, and tried to link it to violence at his rallies. They never seemed to mention that the only violence at Trump rallies was carried out by anti-Trump protesters against Trump supporters.

It’s no secret that there’s been an enormous amount of violence against Trump supporters this election, and the violence has moved from the campaign trail to the backyard. A group of anti-Trump thugs were riding around town stealing Trump signs from yards, and were dumb enough to record the entire thing.

I suppose they thought this would make them look like heros online – but thus far, all they’ve done is ensure their eventual arrest.

As RightWingNews reported:

Two Latino men decided to joyride around town stealing people’s Trump signs. Unfortunately, one woman saw them trying to steal hers, and ran out to try and stop them. Rather than dropping the idea of stealing the sign and moving on to an easier target, the two thieves went after the woman.

They physically attacked the owner of the signs, beating her while someone else taped the attack instead of calling for help or intervening. An entire crowd of people watched, cheering and cursing, while an innocent woman was assaulted by two men. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the entire attack was filmed and then posted online. You can see it below (caution for language):

These thugs are clearly not the sharpest tools in the shed – stealing private property, trespassing and omitting an assault against a woman? Sure, let’s record ourselves breaking the law because screw it, why not? They left behind thorough documentation of their crime in video format, and throughout countless tweets that have since been archived throughout the internet.

Meanwhile, I predict that the incarceration rates for Hispanics are about to increase.


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