When Hillary Clinton Took Stage After Official Nomination Something Incredible Happened! WATCH!


As the DNC played clips of Hillary Clinton after she was pronounced the nominee, a very eerie sight unfolded at the convention. It looked to me like half the convention hall was empty. You had people on the floor, but row after row of seats were unoccupied. For instance, the whole California delegation walked out in protest. This was after Bernie Sanders conceded to Clinton and called for unity. There are a whole bunch of unhappy Democrats at that event and this looks very bad for Hillary Clinton.

hillary-glass-ceiling_320x240As the Hildabeast played a video on a giant screen depicting a long line of male presidents and then the shattering of their visages with her face replacing them in a very “1984” sort of display, the hall was largely empty. There were no adoring throngs like there were for Bill Clinton. Not even the insurgents you see for Donald Trump were present… this was a large portion of Hillary’s base turning their back on her collectively.

From the Washington Post:

Clinton formally secured the nomination earlier in the night during the roll call of states, which ended with a symbolic gesture: Her primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, asked that Clinton be declared the nominee by acclamation, a move that prompted resounding cheers.

Soon after, Clinton sent out a video on Twitter showing Sanders’s remarks and declaring “Stronger together,” her campaign motto.

Sanders’s action, however, was not sufficient to bring on-board all of his delegates, some of whom walked out of the hall in protest. That added to the party’s difficulties this week in displaying unity as Clinton fights a pitched battle against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

As One News Now put it: “Much like a tree falling in the woods, what if the first woman is nominated as president of the United States and nobody’s there to see it?” “This is amazing. This place is empty,” left-wing filmmaker Josh Fox reported Tuesday night from the Wells Fargo Center, where Hillary Clinton was officially nominated as the Democratic candidate. He was shocked.

Fox’s camera footage showed empty seats after hundreds of Democratic delegates from “Bernie states” left after Sen. Bernie Sanders was denied the nomination. And that defeat came after delegates learned via leaked emails that the DNC colluded with Clinton to undermine Sanders during the primary.

As bad as this is, the ratings for the Democratic National Convention are stomping the ones for the Republican National Convention. These are possibly the two most unpopular candidates to ever run in my lifetime. It’s fascinating to watch in a way. The media skewed it and said Hillary’s crowd went berserk and was in a frenzy. What? Five of them?

I have never seen anything like what just happened to Hillary Clinton during the Democrat’s convention. She made history in more ways than one this time.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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