Hillary Clinton Makes Smug Statement After Trump Healthcare Bill Fails in House

Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just can’t find her way to the land of peaceful retirement. The 69-year-old political lifer has an impressive resume, but possibly the most impressive thing about it is that she’s still walking around free.

Last November, the former Secretary of State was being investigated by the FBI for as many as 16 crimes, including, but not limited to:

Wire fraud
Obstruction of justice

FBI director James Comey is said to have lost the respect of most under his command along with many of the citizens he is sworn to protect, because of the way he soft pitched every dealing he had with Hillary.

However, this shining beacon of truth and justice is still being fawned over by her supporters, and many at the DNC.

Clinton, now left with only her adoring fans to help her get through the day, spoke out about the failure of Trumpcare.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. How about the formerly happily insured Americans who’s premiums doubled and even tripled? How about the formerly insured who actually just dropped their insurance because they couldn’t deal with the premium increase?

I’m extremely glad for Natarsha, because breast cancer is a horrible thing. I’m a little unclear as to what role Planned Parenthood played in this, other than a possible recommendation to go get an exam or mammogram (which, by the way, any health care professional or internet search could also tell you). Since it has been proved over and over that PP doesn’t actually do any real screening. 

Here again, helping disabled children is such a noble cause, but not one that Hillary has always supported. It’s been widely reported that while First Lady, she called disabled children horrible names. It would be nice to think that she got older and wiser, but it seems much more likely that she’s once again using the less fortunate as pawns to play with emotions, and further her own agenda.

Here is one place where I agree with Mrs. Clinton. Don’t let your compassion for the truly needy be a distraction from all the horrible things this woman and her party have done. Let’s stand up to HER, organize against the Democrats, resist their socialism and put forth good ideas to improve the existing (un)Affordable Care Act, and keep a system of democracy.

(H/T: Truth Monitor)

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