Hillary Clinton’s Health Rumors Reignite When People Spot What’s In Her Van

Hillary Clinton has been dodging rumors for a while that she is gravely ill and knocking on deaths door. People question whether she is physically fit enough to hold office. Now pictures have been uncovered from her van and what is contained inside will shock many.

In the past she has required help to walk up stairs, a body man with a seizure pen and a kneeling stool.

Hillary Clinron held one of her infamous fundraisers with the wealthy one percent billionaire elite at the Cher in North Haven, New York this past week. The Assocoayed a Press was there. They caught something in her van. Now people are wondering what’s up.


The object in the van when seen zooming is is clearly a wheelchair lift. Now if she was using a wheelchair her camp and her employees would certainly never release that information. So their is only speculation and conjecture. But it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on.

The biggest issue that many argue is not that she is ill or weak but that she lacks transparency and is not being honest. Like Jeb Bartlett with his MS, even if he was a fictional character. Or Franklin D Roosevelt who used a wheelchair. She would rather hide a disability then be honest about it which would likely endear some opponents. As she is not known as the most honest and forthright person.

Certainly the similarities aside from a disability between Clinton and FDR are scary. They were both power hungry with FDR breaking tradition and running for a third term. Both were castigated by the left and right for their policies. FDR for being friendly with Stalin and Clinton for her friendship with the Saudi Arabians.


Many argue he was more of a dictator when he tried packing the Supreme Court and seizing control because they wouldn’t do his bidding. Similarly with Clinton her having Wall Street and corporate America in her pocket.

Conservatives know what Clinton is capable of we are just waiting for everyone else to realize.

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