One Week After Election Loss Hillary Clinton Looks Like Death

Hillary Clinton stepped out for the first time since conceding the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump.

She dressed fresh in a blue pant suit, looking like a zombie from an episode of The Walking Dead.

Her appearance included a speech to her weakling followers to not give up. She did NOT address all the protesting crybaby safety pin lemmings just using this election as a reason to not have a job, or not go to class, or to cry and get free pizza (genius by the way) and simply admit they are a weak bunch of liberals who are too stupid to stay out of traffic during a protest.

Hillary Clinton did not denounce the violence coming from the extreme leftist maniacs, the call for people to rape Melania, or the amount of stupid idiots cutting class and whining.

Hillary did not remind people to be strong, but instead, encouraged them to be WEAK and NOT GIVE UP.

How about you show some strength and tell them to grow up, act like adults, take the loss, come back stronger in four years, and stop their crying and safety pinning?

Here’s her video on Twitter. Don’t mistake it for a cut scene from #TWD and no, she doesn’t meet Negan.

Blah, blah, blah. Tell your supporters to grow up and realize there is no participation award in America politics and remind them to learn how the electoral college works. No one wants to use the popular vote because then those three main overpopulated states would decide the winner for every POTUS election and the smaller states would literally have no voice.

If California has three times the amount of people than a much smaller state, then how can the smaller state ever truly compete?

More people voted for American Idol, than they did for the President.

The electoral and popular vote isn’t the issue. Getting people to the polls is the real problem.

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