WATCH: Hillary EXPOSED On Camera Disrespecting US Military

At the last presidential forum, Trump came out and said that the generals under Obama and Clinton have not been successful. Tell me what isn’t true about that particular statement? Many have been unsuccessful, not through choice and chosen action, but through mandate. Through the moronic military leadership of Obama and his hand-picked sycophants, our military has been reduced to a joke. This time, Trump got it right.

But it didn’t take Clinton long to jump on him though. She claimed he trashed talked American generals. No… he did not. He trash talked Obama and Clinton and what they have done to our military… how they have tied the hands of our generals. There’s a huge difference there. Clinton also seems to be having memory lapses yet again. In 2007, she actually did trash talk General David Petraeus and she wasn’t subtle about it. She basically called him a liar.

From Conservative Post:

Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt to attack Donald Trump has seen her slam him for daring to disagree with American generals. However, she clearly has forgotten what she said herself in 2007…

At the presidential forum on Wednesday night, Trump brought up U.S. military generals.

“The generals under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been successful. Under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble, reduced to a point where it is embarrassing for our country…” he said, according to IJ Review. “I have great faith in the military. I have great faith in certain of the commanders, certainly. But I have no faith in Hillary Clinton or the leadership.”

During her press conference the next day, Clinton claimed Trump  “trash talked American generals” and slammed him as “unqualified to be commander in chief.”

Clinton had this to say and this my friends, is NOT what I would call presidential: “You have been made the de facto spokesmen for what many of us believe to be a failed policy,” she said. “Despite what I view is your rather extraordinary efforts in your testimony both yesterday and today, I think that the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief.” Hillary has demonstrated a sheer hatred and antipathy for the military her entire life. What makes anyone think if she becomes president that her viewpoint will change?

The day before that, ran a full-page ad in Section A of the New York Times with the provocative headline “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?” Clinton was asked about the ad repeatedly and voted against a Senate resolution denouncing the ad, before she finally condemned it. Even Slate admitted it was “way too late.” Honestly, I don’t see how anyone in the military can support Hillary Clinton.

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