She Cheated! Crooked Hillary Wore Ear Piece During Last Night’s Veteran’s Forum

It has been revealed that Hillary Clinton wore an ear piece in last nights Commander In Chief Forum that was hosted by MSNBC and NBC. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were invited to attend together and it is the first event in which they were. Both candidates got a short period of time with Matt Lauer who hosted. The purpose of the forum was to allow the candidates the chance to answer questions unaided but clearly Hillary had some help.

Many people tweeted after the event about it, asking what in the world was the thing in her ear if not an ear piece she was getting instructions from.

Some noticed it when they accused her of strange eye movements and taking long gaps and pauses in between her answers which would seem to indicate she was listening to someone and not thinking.

However, President Obama was accused of the same thing before during the 2012 debates against Mitt Romney and some even warned several weeks ago this could happen. Obama’s mannerisms are somewhat similar to Clintons if you go back and watch. Considering how their best friends and worked together it would not be shocking at all to know they used the same tricks up their sleeve to win. But then again corruption and cheating is nothing new for the Clintons.

The mainstream media certainly has not picked up on this yet. Which is not surprising considering they are in her pocket. If she can not even answer simple questions posed to her by constituents how does she expect to be able to conduct the job that is the highest office in the land? It certainly goes to show their is validity to the claim she is to ill to serve and requires help such as the kind that requires an earpiece for talking points.

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