HILLARY IS FREAKED: Drudge Report Promises Hillary Sex Bombshell

As we all know, Bill Clinton has a long list of sex scandals. We saw four of the women he sexually assaulted at last week’s debate, and that’s hardly the half of it.

Just the other day it was revealed that he paid for the abortion of one of the women he had an affair with. Gennifer Flowers, who claims she had a 12-year affair with Clinton, has opened up about her relationship with the former president, which she says began in 1977.

The now-66-year-old says that Clinton personally paid $200 for her to get an abortion that same year, which was also when she says she learned that Hillary Clinton was aware of the alleged affair. The relationship continued for another 11, years, Flowers revealed.

That makes his relationship with Monica Lewinsky seem like childsplay by comparisons.

But move over Bill, you’re not the only one with some sex scandals. You’re not even the same Clinton.

As InfoWars reported:

A bombshell is about to drop regarding US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s sex life, highly influential media figure Matt Drudge promised Saturday.

A tweet sent by the reclusive, but prominent journalist featuring a picture from Hillary’s Friday appearance on Ellen was captioned, “Oh, on the sex stuff. Hillary is about to get hers…”

Drudge’s reference to “sex stuff” pertains to the massive media onslaught attempting to depict Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a sexual deviant, while the same media willfully ignores the past sex abuses of former President Bill Clinton.

Drudge knows a thing or two about the Clintons’ sex lives. His website DrudgeReport.com was the first to expose Bill Clinton’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky – after the magazine Newsweek decided to kill the story – ultimately leading to congressional hearings and the president’s shameful impeachment.

Considering the image tweeted and Drudge’s previous inquiries about the former First Lady’s “lovers,” it’s highly likely the forthcoming bombshell could revolve around Hillary’s rumored alternative homosexual lifestyle.

Last year Drudge visited the Infowars studio and questioned why media outlets were suppressing rumors of Hillary’s lesbian affairs.

Among the famous people who’ve claimed to have had an affair with Hillary Clinton includes Yoko Ono. “We met many times during the New York Vietnam War protests in the 1970s, and became very intimate. We shared many of the same values about sexual equality, fighting against the authoritarian, patriarchal, male-dominated society we were raised in” she explained in an article published by Mad World News.

“We had a brief romantic fling when I lived with John in Manhattan and Hillary was studying at Yale, but eventually we lost touch. I am amazed how things are going well for her and wish her the best for her campaign” she continued.

Whose sex scandals in the Clinton family will we hear about next? Chelsea? Personally, I’m at a bit of a loss for words in explaining how a family this ugly is capable of so many sex scandals.

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