Hillary Gets BAD NEWS After Ballot Inspectors Find What She Hid In Sealed Ballot Boxes

Hillary will be embarrassed when she reads this, and it’s all thank to Jill Stein being needy and trying to make herself relevant.

The recount in Detroit showed one box of ballots for Hillary that was supposed to have 306 ballots inside. How many were there? 256 less. Exactly 50 ballots were present, suggesting there was a single box with 256 EXTRA CHEATING VOTES!

That’s not very nice.

Jill Stein should have shut up about the recount, because it’s coming back to haunt the democrats by exposing possible cases of voter fraud. Must’ve been all those WWI vets who came back to vote. Sure…

Is it possible Jill Stein’s recount will actually catch big city Democrat Machine vote fraud?

Check out this first-hand account from an observer who said he was watching the recount in downtown Detroit.


American Mirror – Conservative activist Ken Crider wrote on Facebook:

Penny Crider and I just got back from helping watch the recount at Cobo Hall in Detroit. On Nov. 8th (election day) the election officials at 8:00 pm shut down the polls. They then reconciled the differences from the machine count and the voter count on the computer. At this point a Metal tag/seal with a serial number is put on the box and the box was taken away.

Penny’s precinct, Detroit Precinct #152 had an unbroken seal and everything looked proper. The tag on the box said 306 and the book said 306 and the ticket said 306, so there should be 306 paper ballots on the box, right. Well when they pulled out the ballots the stack seemed short and when they finished separating the two page ballot to count the Presidential page only guess how many ballots were in the box? 304 no, 299 nope, 200 nada, how about 100 wrong again. There were only exactly 50 paper ballots in a locked sealed box that again was supposed to have 306.

Crider noted, “since there was a discrepancy in the two numbers the original count stands.”

If this happened in one little voting spot, then imagine how many other ballot boxes in the United States may have had hundreds of extra votes?

Is that voter fraud or just an accident?

Maybe it’s a magic trick and only democrats know how to make votes appear out of thin air.

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