BUSTED: Hillary Has Closed Door Meeting With Elections Director In Possible VOTER FRAUD SCHEME


I’m not sure I totally believe this one, but if true, it is chilling. It’s being reported out there by some sources that Hillary Clinton had a closed-door meeting with Florida election’s director Brenda Snipes. That is exceedingly unethical if true and highly suspicious. If this pans out, Snipes should be removed immediately from her position. Optics matter, just as voter fraud does.

What I don’t have any doubt about whatsoever is blatant voter fraud across the United States. It’s prevalent and ongoing. It gets worse with each passing election and we don’t seem to be able to stop these corrupt asshats from perpetrating it on and on and on. The voting infrastructures for both parties in every state need to be cleaned out top to bottom and repopulated with people who actually have ethical underpinnings. Then oversight needs to be enforced on those individuals as well. I’m also all for going back to paper ballots with multiple monitors and having everything on video. That’s how you stop a lot of this voter fraud nonsense.

From The Conservative Treehouse:

Anyone with any political knowledge is aware the best chances for Hillary Clinton in Florida come from two specific counties, Broward and Dade. It is not coincidental that both counties continue to be the historic nucleus of multiple voting irregularities.

This year is no different. In a recent series of events Broward County is at the epicenter of another voting malfunction. However, this one might not be a mistake, it might be by design. The essential outline of the current year concern surrounds a scheme to present double voting to benefit Hillary Clinton:

Broward County officials intentionally screw up sending out mail-in ballots to a key demographic constituency. The correction therein then allows the same official to send a second set of ballots to the same constituency thus providing two possibly counted ballots for each voter.

If Hillary Clinton could get away with it, she would steal this election and do it brazenly. After all, Barack Obama got away with it too. He had precincts that voted for him by more than 100%, which is impossible. Now, the dead are voting all over the country too. And that doesn’t even include the illegal aliens, Muslim refugees and felons who are being allowed to cast their votes. People are voting multiple times and they are cool with it as long as it is for Democrats.

They are busing people in to vote and have been doing so for over 50 years… just ask James O’Keefe. I’m hearing reports of fraud from all over the country. We have to keep exposing it or the Marxists will stay in power permanently.


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