Hillary Hecklers Interrupt Trump, and He Absolutely DEMOLISHES Them (VIDEO)

Ahhhh one of the powerful tricks in the liberal protester handbook… heckling. Leftists grand plan to disrupt and divide is often very effective, but not this time. Hillary campaign sent people to disrupt Trump speech in Detroit on economics. I guess that Democrats think they have done a really really good job with Detroit.

Saying he wanted “a conversation about how to make America great again for everyone, and especially those who have the very least,” Mr. Trump unveiled plans to simplify the tax system, rethink America’s energy policy and tear up trade agreements.

Mr. Trump chose Detroit as his backdrop, and his speech — though interrupted frequently by protesters — was clearly chosen to appeal to the working-class Americans who are at the center of his political strategy.

It offered a broad view of what the economic agenda of a President Trump would look like: Tax policies that track closely with what Republicans in Congress have long advocated, including deep tax cuts for the wealthy and a light touch in regulation, but much more willingness to disrupt longstanding trade agreements and international economic relationships in hopes of reducing the trade deficit.

He embraced a tax plan issued by House Republicans this year that would reduce taxes on all Americans but would especially benefit the affluent: It would lower the tax rate for the highest earners to 33 percent, from the current 39.6 percent.

He also called for ending what Republicans label the “death tax.” He did not mention that the estate tax currently exempts the first $5.45 million for an individual and $10.9 million for a married couple — meaning that only the very wealthy pay anything.

After numerous protesters, Donald Trump decided to mock the Hillary supporters. I chuckled when he said,”Thank you. I will say the Bernie Sanders people had far more energy and spirit. I will say it.” You should WATCH for yourself:

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