This is the true face of Hillary Clinton, no doubt about it. This video shows Clinton at a forum while she was Secretary of State. A young black voter, who clearly does not have English as a first language, asked Hillary about what Bill Clinton’s views were and how they affect her decisions. Clinton at first looks confused until she finally gets what the woman is asking. Instead of answering the question, she got rude… very rude and it was totally unnecessary.

Hillary said that her husband wasn’t Secretary of State and she would not channel his opinions. The young woman obviously touches a sore point… Hillary is deeply jealous of Bill. She ridiculed that student in front of everyone. Clinton looked offended and arrogant. She was in fact, b*tchy. Even the audience was taken aback by Clinton’s malicious response.

From Dennis Michael Lynch:

In a video captured while she was Secretary of State, the vicious side of Hillary Clinton comes to the surface during a Q&A session. In the video, Clinton is asked by a young black voter who speaks broken english about what her husband Bill Clinton’s views are and how it affects her decision making. It’s a fair question, considering how apparently close knit the two are.

Rather than answer politely or even decline to answer, Clinton rudely ridicules the student, stating her husband’s opinions are his own and that he was not Secretary of State. The answer is definitely coldhearted with malice, and the crowd quickly released “oohs” after Hillary hits the student with the bombshell response.

Hillary Clinton should never, ever be president. You can see here how she looks down on others. To be factual, she’s a racist as well. What you see here is how she would behave as Commander-in-Chief and that ought to terrify you.

For decades, Clinton has abused everyone around her… her husband, the Secret Service, the military, the police and her staff. She is hated just about universally. Do you really think she wouldn’t bring that power-hungry hatred into the White House? There would be enemy lists that would go on and on. She will use the DOJ and executive actions even more than Obama. She will actively go after those who oppose her as well.

Hillary Clinton is a bullet to the brain of America. She is not only corrupt to the core, but vicious, haughty and brutal. If she treats those who support her as you see in this video, just think how she will treat all of America.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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