Hillary Is About To Feel The BERN! Bernie Fans FLIPPING Like Burgers! (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders supporters are livid with the Democratic National Committee over the recent Wikileaks expose that showed the corruption and big money and media ties they have. It ultimately showed how the system was rigged from the beginning and how high profile Democratic National Committee members and the Clinton campaign colluded with one another to ensure Bernie Sanders did not win the Democratic nomination.

Donald Trump in the past has said that disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters are welcome on the Trump train and now finally many of Bernie Sanders supporters are taking him up on his offer. A video of reporters talking with former Bernie Sanders supporters shows them changing heir endorsement to the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

After all, who could blame them. They were completely nipped and taken advantage of by their own party. Who would want to stay in that abusive relationship any longer?

Campus Reform reported,

This week at the Democratic National Convention, much of the focus was not on nominee Hillary Clinton, but on Bernie Sanders and his enthusiastic contingent of young supporters.

While some had speculated that Sanders supporters would fall in line after his endorsement of Clinton, it appears that this consolidation has yet to gain any momentum.

Bernie supporters, emboldened by the recent DNC email leak, took to the streets in Philadelphia to voice their displeasure with Hillary and the Democrat party as a whole.

With chants of “Hell no DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary” and “Lock her up,” the protesters made it clear they would not be casting their votes for Hillary Clinton. But who would they be voting for instead?

Campus Reform went to the DNC to speak with these protestors about how they planned to vote in November, and the results will be shocking to many.”

Watch the video here…

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