Hillary Is So Depressed – What She’s Doing At Her Home Since She Lost Is The Reason For That!

People surrounding Hillary Clinton have given the idea that Hillary may be depressed after losing the election to someone with no political experience.

Sources suggest that the recount was merely a way to lift Hillary’s spirits after her stunning defeat.

And thanks to irrelevant green party nutcase, Jill Stein, the recount sort of exists. Except, the results are only bringing out more demise for Hillary. There’s been counts of voter fraud exposed and some states are simply shutting it down. It’s almost like Jill Stein used Hillary’s sad loss as a means to gain her own financial donations. What IS Jill doing with that money?

Is a recount is really necessary when Hillary already conceded to Donald Trump?

Is Hillary really depressed after losing the 2016 election? Would you be sad if you came THAT close to being the President of the United States, but lost to some guy with a “Make America Great Again” hat and orange toupee under it?

You probably would be depressed too.

Except, then you remember you’re a millionaire and forget about it. A millionaire democrat, that doesn’t make sense, does it?


TownHall – Part of the answer is that people close to Hillary—Huma Abedin, Chelsea Clinton, and Sidney Blumenthal—encouraged her to ask for a recount as a way of lifting her spirits.

“She is weepy, looks ten years older and is very whiny,” said one of Hillary’s closest friends. “She has been drinking wine pretty heavily, much more than usual. She mopes around all day, swimming in a sea of recriminations and complaining that her campaign managers were ‘incompetent,’ Bill and Chelsea ‘didn’t work hard enough,’ FBI Director Comey was ‘in league with Trump.’”

In addition, President Obama convinced Hillary that it was in the best interest of the Democratic Party if the Clinton legal team got involved with the recount and didn’t leave it to Jill Stein.

Here’s a few things Hillary Clinton can do in her spare time.

  1. Knit her own pant suits
  2. Print all the deleted emails and sell them as a book.
  3. Try new $600 haircuts.
  4. Sell her old $12,000 jackets to poor people.
  5. Visit Bernie Sanders in his vacation home, for old time’s sake.
  6. Make Chelsea get a job.
  7. Host The View.
  8. Golf with Obama until January, courtesy of the American tax payers.
  9. Knock on Monica Lewinksy’s door with a baseball bat.
  10. Research Danny Williams to see if he’s really Bill’s black kid.
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