Hillary Just Got B***ch-Slapped By O’Reilly: ‘We Are Being Deceived, We Are At WAR!’ (VIDEO)

I find it hilarious to hear Hillary lecture us on guns when she allowed 4 Americans to be slaughtered in Benghazi..as well as the multiple terror attacks we have had here in America. She shouldn’t be allowed to run for office since she’s being investigated for her crimes.

Another typical democrat who needs to be in a prison cell.

From YIR

Hillary Clinton’s anti-gun stance was in full swing, as her statement on the Orlando shootings had very little to do with condemning the ideology that promoted the cowardly killer to mow down dozens of innocent Americans, and everything to do with the tool he chose to use.

According to her, “there is no place for weapons of war on our streets.” Hillary, I, and most of rational thinking America, disagree, and I ask you to please get out of the running if this is what you have in store for America.

Disarming law-abiding citizens, like the old adage says, will ensure that only the bad guys will have guns. Disarming citizens led to the Paris shootings, where no one had the right to self preservation. They were sitting ducks, much like the gun-free zone that was the Pulse night club in Orlando.

Thankfully, I’m not the only voice that’s promoting this idea – Bill O’Reilly went on the offensive yesterday, denouncing Hillary’s campaign goals to ban the country of “assault” weapons, or in plain speak, getting rid of yet another tool for people to protect themselves as their rights provide. Read More

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