HILLARY JUST GOT EXPOSED: Look What She’s Been Doing at Her House EVERYDAY Since She Lost

Oh my freaking…WHAT!? New details on the status of Hillary Clinton since her landslide loss post election ‘state-of-mind’ has surfaced and it’s stunning quite a few Americans.

In fact, many are wondering if she has straight up lost her will to …. do more than just exist!

According to Conservativefighters.com

A political columnist, Ed Klein, has covered the Clinton family for years and years and he is the one who has brought this information to light.

He is calling Hillary’s loss, the most epic and legendary political defeat in all of American political history, and is giving us a little peek into how she is handling it…if this is what handling it looks like that is.

“She is weepy, looks ten years older and is very whiny”

“She has been drinking wine pretty heavily, much more than usual. She mopes around all day, swimming in a sea of recriminations and complaining that her campaign managers were ‘incompetent’, Bill and Chelsea ‘didn’t work hard enough’ FBI Director Comey was ‘in league with Trump’

Hillary had all but given up on doing anything but existing after her loss, but reportedly it was Human Abedin, Chelsea Clinton, and Sidney Blumenthal that kept enouraging her to go ahead an join Jill Stein in pursuing a recount.

They thought it would lift her spirits, but in actuality… they are only setting up Hillary to be the first Woman in American history to lose the Presidency election not once but TWICE.

They wanted Hillary to be the first female President and instead…she is quite the opposite.

Her own friends and family have put her in a position to leave the building with absolutely NO dignity this point.

I actually sort of feel bad for her…

Then I remember what she had said about President-elect Donald Trump and his so-called plans to NOT ACCEPT his defeat ‘when’ she became President…and all that sympathy quickly fades away.

She’s embarrassing herself, and the people who are suppose to be closest to her are making it worse.

This is what happens when you choose to be corrupt and evil…Karma comes for a visit, and it’s not pretty.

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