Hillary Lands in Cleveland… Immediately Sees Something She Never Expected

Hillary was in Cleveland yesterday for the Labor Day parade and festival. Both her and Kaine spoke at the festival… most candidates would have walked in the parade, but I think that was just too much for Clinton.

Speaking at the festival seemed to be too much for her as well. Right at the beginning she had a four-minute coughing fit and another one later. Sources say aides tried to hand her cough drops and she had some on the podium as well. She had to take three or four drinks of water. It was a disaster. I hate to say this, but I have thought for some time that her coughing is reminiscent of the symptoms of congestive heart failure. There is something very wrong with that woman.

It could not have helped her much that when she landed her snazzy new plane, she got a great view across the tarmac of Donald Trump’s plane which was already sitting pretty at the airport. Wonder if that is an omen for the election? Just sayin’.

From the Conservative Tribune:

As the presidential race comes closer and closer to the end, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are spending their Labor Day courting voters around the country. But, as Clinton touched down in Cleveland, Ohio, she saw something she never expected.

One Twitter user pointed out as Clinton’s plane landed in Cleveland, she could see Donald Trump’s plane already landed across the tarmac at the Cleveland airport.

According to the user, Clinton said “I’m more than ready” when asked if she was prepared to campaign in Ohio.

While Trump was speaking with local leaders about jobs and security, Hillary was schmoozing and coughing. Not good optics for the Hildabeast to say the least… it’s saying something that Trump looks more presidential simply by being healthier than Hillary Clinton.

Things are getting weirder around Clinton as well. It may have been a coincidence, but in her motorcade as they were leaving the festival was an ambulance. Not good. If she gets elected, Kaine could wind up being president easily at this rate. Think about that.

Clinton said she was more than ready for Ohio and Trump… it sure doesn’t look that way. Nope, fresh out of sympathy for the Hildabeast. She is easily the most corrupt politician I have seen in my lifetime and that’s saying something.

Trump seems to be leading Clinton in a number of ways now… in the polls, in timing, in events… it would be one thing if Hillary was liked, but even her own people despise her. I’m beginning to think she is in real trouble here.



A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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