Hillary LIES To Coal Miner About What She Meant By ‘Putting Miners Out Of Business’


I heard on CNN that Hillary Clinton had walked back her comments about putting mining companies and coal miners out of business. But then I saw the video. That’s not what she did. She just completely LIED about what she said.

She says what she said was taken “totally out of context” with what she meant.

NOW, here’s a news report from a month ago when she said the controversial statement:

Speaking in Ohio about her plans to revitalize coal country, Clinton said, “We’re going to put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business.” That comment was immediately preceded by a promise to invest in the clean-energy economy in those places, and immediately followed by a pledge to “make it clear that we don’t want to forget those people.” But it’s not hard to guess which comment will end up as a sound bite in attack ads in coal states during the general election.

Notice how the campaign responded – they didn’t DENY that she was going to put them out of business, they only added further context about HOW she was going to put them out of business.

But now she’s saying that’s now what she meant.

If it’s not what she meant, then why did it take her a month and a half to realize it? How come the campaign didn’t say that back then?

You know why – Hillary is a big fat stupid cankled liar.

Here are her comments – she clearly said that SHE, herself, personally, was going to put them out of business:

Via The Right Scoop

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