Hillary And Obama Were Just EXPOSED Making Secret Phone Calls To Americans—What They Said Is TREASON!

OK. A week ago Loretta Lynch called for, “resistance” against President Donald Trump, even if that means “blood in the streets and death.

Not completely sure how they will accomplish this considering the right is the side that considers buying firearms should be an Olympic Sport.

After that, a ludicrous video of washed up, failed, 2008 and 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton published on International Women’s Day.

Apparently the videos also claim “There is a lot to fight for.”

Now, in typical lawless Democrat fashion, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama apparently put out robocalls trying to gather funds for… you guessed it, resisting Trump. Again, with what? Fly Swatters?

Even Conservative TV star Scott Baio got in on the fun.

Here are a few other Tweets.

In all seriousness, the left needs to put on it’s big girl pants, or in this case pantsuit, and knock all this off. Donald Trump is the president now and if you don’t like it, strategize for the next 4 years on how you can once again reconnect with the American middle and working class and stop trying to convince yourselves that Muslim refugees, illegal aliens and the .03% who are transgendered in this country will give you the win in 2020.

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