Hillary Panic’s After This Video Is Released About Her Health, EXPERTS Drop BOMBSHELLS (VIDEO)

Questions over the health of Hillary Clinton have arisen in the last few weeks. While the mainstream liberal media has largely ignored it many conservative pundits have pointed to it. Now liberals are saying how sexist it is to question her health. Perhaps this is a compliment. Because any time someone discusses a touchy topic that doesn’t make liberals look good they point and start calling names. Sexist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, you name it?

The video pans to different conferences, rallies and what not where Clinton asks in strange ways that would indicate she has a health crisis going on. For example she coughs unable to speak without a crackled voice, stumbling, and being propped up. Another video shows her bobbling her head in a strangely spastic way. Her odd reaction to balloons falling on stage at the Democratic National Committee.

The anchor of the video argues that secret service insiders indicate that Hillary Clinton has early onset Parkinson’s disease which has a symptom of fainting. Among many our symptoms. Which many argues photos indicate she has. As well as photos show her needing help up stairs. One doctor argued that the stiff leg indicates pre set Parkinson’s.

An article was released arguing it is sexist to say Hillary looks tired and her health is in question. Stating that it’s simply a dog whistle way of saying she is a woman and week. However, the Info Wars anchor argues the public has a right to know the health of a person who is running for the highest office in the land and arguably the world.

While liberals brush this off as nothing more than a conspiracy theory Info Wars has brought attention from the beginning to this very issue. A issue that people still have questions that are unanswered about.

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