As Hillary Passes Out and Collapses A piece of Metal Falls Out Of Her Pant Leg (VIDEO)

Is this why Hillary is always seen in a full burqa? She must be hiding assistive devices under her clothes. You decide… looks pretty obvious.

She’s hiding a major health condition known as Parkinson’s disease! Patients with Parkinson normally wear orthotic leg braces to control their legs from collapsing, similarly how she fell today.  She was obviously having some medical condition but when he collapsed it was like something failed, that being her orthotic leg device, instantaneously the metal piece fell from her leg.

Image result for orthotic leg brace metal

Image result for orthotic leg brace metalImage result for orthotic leg brace metal

Here’s an Unedited version from CNN. you can still hear and see the metal piece fall from her leg. LISTEN Carefully!

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