Hillary Posts Nasty Selfie To Debut Her SICK New Job – Didn’t Realize What Else Was Showing

Twitter users are laughing like crazy at a recent Hillary Clinton tweet that shows her promoting a shirt that’s apparently tied to Planned Parenthood. The Tweet encourages people to support Samantha Bee and Planned Parenthood and she’s holding a black t-shirt that says “nasty woman” in white.

The comments that Hillary received have been nothing but hilarious, accurate, and quite sad. Here’s a woman who went from running for President of the United States to promoting a t-shirt for an abortion mill. Is this Hillary’s future? Is she selling cheap generic shirts like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry? Is this her new slogan for 2020 if she tries to run for President again? Is she indirectly pointing this at Trump and giving him the stink eye for their next battle in a few years?

Here’s the Tweet by Hillary Clinton (not President)

Here are some good replies:

This is true because the women on the left mostly have the fish face look or they’re overweight, or they’re actually guys in a dress. Sorry liberals, but your chicks are mostly hard to look at, aka, nasty.

And what does “nasty” even mean in this? Nasty because it’s from Planned Parenthood? Do they give this shirt to girls when they give up their baby to abortion? Why would we want our girls to be nasty? That’s not even a cool trendy word to be. Nasty has always meant one thing – gross, nasty, disgusting. It’s not even a synonym for something cool. Again, liberals fail to be smart.

Mark Dice chimes in trying to confirm if selling lame shirts is Hillary’s new job. He then reminds us about that whole Russian fiasco. Th leftists tried blaming another country as if little Russian demons forced us to select Trump’s name in the voting booths. Nope. Didn’t happen like that. Americans wanted a right wing leader to stick a boot in the left.

Scott Presler chimes in with a hilarious one-liner to remind everyone that Jon Ossoff lost too. What does Hillary Clinton and Jon Ossoff have in common? They lost. Jon probably ran a good campaign, but he still lost. Now his job is to figure out why he lost and find a way to win the public. Smart candidates analyze why they lost and work to improve their situation, then come back and try to win again.

Zak Zales nails us with the hilarious Hillary gif where she makes a crazy face and then she’s locked in the clink as the prison bars slam down. People were making these gifs for a while, well before the Great Meme War of July 2017 that pit Trump vs CNN. Zak also reminds people about what he thinks Hillary is.

Michael Beatty shows us a different shirt that Hillary can sell. Some people still remember the Benghazi situation and they’ll continuously remind Hillary about it.

David Weissman posted my favorite response. Team America, F*ck yeah. Maybe Hillary can get a job working for the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G.).

Neontaster shows us what a Hillary Clinton mugshot could look like. She’s even holding it up herself with that same great smile. Great job, Hil.

Finally, someone else thinks the shirt has a horrible design that was likely done by a basic b*tch. Thanks, Yellow Red Sparks. Your design review is welcome here anytime.

ProudBoysNewEngland reminds everyone of the states that Trump won. Hillary won the big state of California, but one state shouldn’t speak for the entire country. Anytime you think Hillary won this election, then just take a look at this map. It’s telling. California has a ton of people, but it’s not like California voters are very diverse. It’s mostly a bunch of liberals and thank goodness it didn’t spread that far.

Covfefe The Frog thinks a Hillary for Prison 2017 shirt looks much better. If you want Hillary in jail, then maybe you should buy this shirt. You can probably get it in a million different places online.

Whoever did this, you’re the man. Praise Kek. Team Pepe. Shout out to all the Kekistani meme soldiers out there stealing dank memes and blasting them on social media. You’re the real hero.

What kind of doctor has this much time to Tweet something this stupid? She won what? A t-shirt? I thought doctors were intelligent, so someone explains this if you can figure out where this person went wrong.

Of course, there’s an Infowars logo on it. I’m shocked Alex Jones face isn’t on the shirt too. Unless it’s on the back, which would be hilarious. Maybe we can have the choice between an Alex Jones or Paul Joseph Watson shirt. Perhaps we can put one of their faces on each sleeve, that way when we flex our muscles, their faces are right by the guns to remind people who the real boss is.


Come on cmconcepts, you’re slipping. You forgot to mention Bill Clinton’s illegitimate half black kid. Or was he recently found to be aborted outside of the womb?

Captain Kirk sums it perfectly. Keep it up and we’re winning in 2020 too.

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