Hillary Re-Routes Volunteers From Ohio to Unexpected State… This Proves They’re SCARED

Hillary campaign is unraveling and they are losing majorly in the state of Ohio!

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign has taken a turn for the worse over the past few weeks, and a recent move to redeploy volunteers could indicate that the nominee is afraid of losing a key state that could cost her the election.

A well-informed source told the Daily Caller that supporters volunteering for Clinton have been re-routed from Ohio to Pennsylvania.

“Busloads of Clinton volunteers who were headed to Ohio have been redirected to Pennsylvania instead,” the source said.
Democrats have devoted time, resources and attention to the Keystone State recently, as Republican rival Donald Trump has seen an increase in popularity among voters there.

Clinton is scheduled to be in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia today, along with President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. She’s bringing out the big guns, but that might be too late as voters have become aware of just how dirty she is.

Making such a move the day before the election in a traditionally blue state means that Team Clinton is scared that Trump might actually win Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes — something that would be devastating to her chances at a winning the preidency.

Some polls in Pennsylvania have showed Clinton ahead of Trump by double digits, but a Real Clear Politics poll showed Clinton up by a meager 2.4 points in the state — and that’s obviously too close for comfort.

It would look like Trump isn’t going down without a fight. He campaigned in Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia Sunday. He has a high-energy schedule for today that includes appearances in Scranton, Pennsylvania; Sarasota, Florida, Raleigh, North Carolina, Manchester, New Hampshire; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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