Hillary REFUSES to Congratulate White Girl With a Gun Olympian Who Won Gold, But Does This Instead!

America won its first Gold Medal at the Olympics, and it had to do with shooting. It looks like our gun culture certainly paid off in at least one area.

Normally, you’d think our leaders would praise every athlete representing our country in the Olympics. But for 19 year old Ginny Thrasher who won a gold in an air rifle competition? Not a peep.

Hillary was however, inspired by a woman wearing a jihab during the Olympics, for some unknown reason. Apparently Hillary wants to paint herself as a feminist…. yet at the same time has to pretend that Muslim oppression of women is OK because it’s just a “different culture.”

Via Young Cons

The first American to wear a hijab at the Olympics made her debut at Rio this week.

Liberals everywhere rejoiced at what an incredible moment it was.

You better believe Hillary was all over that one.

Turns out, Muhammad ended up accusing Americans of being mean to Muslims.

Always nice.

It’s sad that Hillary chose to ignore the first American gold medalist in Rio.

A 19-year-old woman in the air rifle competition.

Wonder if the whole gun thing had anything to do with that?

It wasn’t just Hillary – known jackass Piers Morgan had to chime in as well (and he promptly shut down):


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