Hillary Would Run Off The Road If She Saw This Sign

Someone with some technical skills also has quite a sense of humor. There’s a very special place for people who know how to hack the road signs and change them to a funny message.

One of those people live in Texas, where they changed a TX Dot sign to be an anti-Hillary message.

hilarious hillary sign

Well played sir or madam. Whomever hacked that sign is quite the comedian!

Do you think Hillary would drive off the road if she saw this in person?

Who are we kidding? Hillary doesn’t drive her own car. Come on, she has plenty of people to do that for her. Wouldn’t you have a driver if you had Clinton Cash?

I would!

I would have ten drivers and my own Uber service. I would call it “Franker” and it would take me anywhere I wish.

If you think about it, we all have a personal driver now thanks to Uber and Lyft. We always had one before, but it forced us to get in the back of a weird cab with doors you can’t unlock until you pay.

Now we pay in advance and there’s no chance the Uber driver can avoid us.

Sometimes things like this happen when you’re an Uber driver. This guy loses his mind. When his song comes on, he takes off his shirt and screams. The passenger in the back is scared three ways to straight and yelps out the window like a scared dog trying to escape a Chinese kitchen.

There’s another video of this man trying the same prank, but he does it to a black woman and she beats the living daylights out of him.

White women scream.

Black women battle.

Pick your pranks wisely.

Thanks RedStateWatcher for the tip.

Now here’s some gifs you don’t want to be part of.

drive off cliffcliffhillary crazy

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