Hillary Rushed Off Stage After Debates, But What She Tried to Hide In Tunnel Was All Caught On Video

After standing for over an hour and a half during Monday’s debate (which many of us didn’t think she’d have the stamina for), Hillary Clinton quickly rushed to leave the debate. The woman whose been spending more time resting than campaigning couldn’t be bothered to hang out for long after a debate that over 80 million people watched. She thanked the moderator, and waved to the people in the audience dumb enough to support her, and hustled herself out of the room with her handlers.

Did Hillary look healthy to you during the debate? At one point when questioned about her stamina, she bragged “When Donald Trump spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina.” Yeah, that makes about as much sense as bragging about your patience because you spent a decade in jail./

Personally, she looked off to me. What was it with the constant smiling at everything Trump said? Was she trying to convince us that she is in fact human?

Well, the reason she left the debate could have something to do with her health. The circumstances of it are suspicious,  as Fury News reported:

As soon as the debate was concluded, Clinton bustled through the private tunnel to her medically equipped van. It’s likely that her medication was beginning to wear off at this point, which is why she was so frantic to get off the stage faster than Trump.  However, it was only with the assistance of a special tool carried by her Secret Service entourage swarming around her that she had made it down the dim tunnel. A security camera caught the entire escapade on camera revealing what she has tried to hide for the last year. Her staff was shining a bright light immediately in front of her to coax her next step as designed for people with Parkinson’s disease.

According to a paper hosted by the University of Rochester, a laser pointer or flashlight can help prevent “freezing episodes, where patients’ legs literally freeze in place as they’re trying to walk”. The report states that 30 percent of Parkinson’s patients suffer from “sudden transient freezing” that can last for several minutes. The author points out through case studies that having a target for the mind to focus on can prevent the “short-circuit” in the brain that causes the loss of motor ability.

OK – maybe the hallway was just dark and that’s why a light was needed. That would make sense if the surface she was walking on wasn’t completely level and flat – and Trump didn’t have any trouble finding his steps during that highway.

What do you all think? Do we all have tin foil hats on or is there truly something suspicious about Hillary’s health? If there are problems with her health it’ll come out eventually – but God help us if that’s after the election.

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