Hillary Tries To Steal Credit For Killing Bin Laden, Navy SEAL Who Took The Shot SMACKS Her Down Hard

When a lunatic goes on a shooting rampage, Barack Obama blames the guns. When a Navy SEAL shoots Osama Bin Laden dead, Barack Obama credits himself. Apparently, anytime a gun is involved in a death, everyone except the person actually pulling the trigger is responsible.

We’ve heard Obama pull the “I killed Bin Laden” card a few times, but I never thought we’d hear it from Hillary. During a speech she gave yesterday to an audience of veterans at the American Legion National Convention, she stated “I was deeply honored to be part of that small group advising the president. I brought to those discussions my experience as a senator from New York on 9/11 and my commitment to do whatever I could in whatever role I had to bring bin Laden to justice.”

She said that “I was holding my breath for the entire operation,” as was clearly shown in a famous photo from the White House Situation Room.

While she wants to take some credit for Bin Laden’s death, she didn’t seem at all appreciative. All members of the SEAL team that killed Bin Laden were visited by those pictured in the ironic photo hyperlinked in the paragraph above – except Hillary Clinton. That’s according to Rob O’Neill, the man who actually did kill Bin Laden, who appeared on FOX News to dispute the amount of credit she deserves.

As MadWorldNews reported:

Rob O’Neill was the Navy SEAL who actually killed Bin Laden, and he had something to say about her disgusting claim when addressing it on Fox News. Using the now-famous picture of President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the president’s cabinet all in the situation room when the sniper was given the go-ahead to send the fatal fire, O’Neill said that he and his team were visited by everyone in that photo except for Clinton who couldn’t be bothered. Refusing to meet with these men and thank them contradicts what she was touting at the convention to convince her small crowd that she would be the best Commander-in-Chief.

Speaking of Bin Laden, liberal “comedian” (I’ve never seen evidence of her saying anything funny) Sarah Silvermann posted on Twitter not too long ago (and later deleted) the following message:


Liberals are apparently unaware of both how Bin Laden was killed – and how Purple Hearts work.

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