Clinton Campaign Lawyer: Hillary Will Join Stein’s Recount Efforts To Un-Elect Trump

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has spearheaded a recount effort and now Hillary Clinton and her team are joining in on the effort. The lawyer for Clinton’s presidential campaign made a statement this last Saturday stating that they are looking to overturn the election results with the help of Stein. They will be seeking recounts in key battleground states.

Marc E. Elias is a man who works for the Clinton campaign and he has been in investigating a recount potential but has not had success with it yet. Clinton will join Stein in Wisconsin after she filed on Friday for the recount.

The recount will take place in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The Clinton campaign has stated they’ve received dozens and hundreds of emails, phone calls and messages asking them to seek a recount and look into claims of voter fraud and hacking. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania are especially at risk they say.

Part of Elias statement said the following,

“Over the last few days, officials in the Clinton campaign have received hundreds of messages, emails, and calls urging us to do something, anything, to investigate claims that the election results were hacked and altered in a way to disadvantage Secretary Clinton. The concerns have arisen, in particular, with respect to Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — three states that together proved decisive in this presidential election and where the combined margin of victory for Donald Trump was merely 107,000 votes.

It should go without saying that we take these concerns extremely seriously. We certainly understand the heartbreak felt by so many who worked so hard to elect Hillary Clinton, and it is a fundamental principle of our democracy to ensure that every vote is properly counted.

Moreover, this election cycle was unique in the degree of foreign interference witnessed throughout the campaign: the U.S. government concluded that Russian state actors were behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the personal email accounts of Hillary for America campaign officials, and just yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Russian government was behind much of the “fake news” propaganda that circulated online in the closing weeks of the election.

For all these reasons, we have quietly taken a number of steps in the last two weeks to rule in or out any possibility of outside interference in the vote tally in these critical battleground states.”

What Clinton and her peons fail to realize is that the Green Party and candidates such as Jill Stein and Gary Johnson have the specific mission of making sure that Democrat’s and Republican’s do not win elections. They do not believe in the two party system as they think it is what has caused all the problems in our country to begin with.

So the fact that they are potentially teaming up is ironic at best and stupid at worst. Working together won’t achieve anything because Stein has never been an ally to the Democratic Party and certainly not to democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

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