Hillary Steps Onto Plane And Voters See Just How BAD Her Health Is (VIDEO)


The Republicans had 17 candidates and Donald Trump topped them all.

Donald Trump’s journey to the top of the GOP was a bit of a challenge, but he prevailed. Hillary Clinton only had to take down socialist Bernie Sanders, who only had strength in numbers with the moronic millennials, mostly the special snowflakes who couldn’t tell their brain under their blue hair from their ass in their skinny jeans.

And here’s the democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, struggling to get herself over 17 steps!

Trump said he wanted Hillary drug tested before the next debate. Why? Because people think Hillary’s health is in jeopardy. She seemed healthy during the debates, but was she hopped up on those goofballs like the experimental crowd at a rave? Or is she actually healthy and we just keep badgering her because we don’t agree with her as the leftist nominee?

Maybe it’s both. However, we keep stumbling over these tripping videos of Hillary stumbling across things, looking like she’s fainting, and it always seems like she needs someone’s help.

So maybe her health isn’t that great. She’s up there in age, so she’s degrading anyway. It wouldn’t be abnormal for her health to legitimately be putrid.

Which leads us to ask – is that someone we want running for President of the United States?

I’m not sure it is. Donald Trump seems to be much healthier. We don’t have videos of him tripping, fainting, or struggling to walk.

So what’s next?

Does Hillary get the big seat in the house or does Donald? Does Hillary try to have the election stolen or rigged? We continuously see videos and evidence of democrats stealing votes or rigging elections, so how can we NOT think that it’s fair to begin with.

What happens, does a democrat pull a Hillary? Do they trip and drop ballots in boxes or land on a magic switch that converts the Donald votes to Hillary votes?

Something is going on with her health.

Something is happening to votes.

It will be crazy on November 8th.

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