Hillary Suffers Massive Coughing Fit Yet AGAIN Talking To Press (VIDEO)

The very same liberals who were quick the express concern over the health of John McCain in 2008 and Donald Trump today are the ones dismissing any questions surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health as mere “conspiracy.” Is it really a stretch to question the health of a candidate who has documented health problems (such as the brain clot she suffered in 2012), and has a coughing fit every-other speech she gives? She carries a glass of water and cough drops with her, so clearly she’s prepared to hack a lung at any given time.

Donald Trump has gone on the record to state that he’d release his health records if Hillary would release hers – but she’s refused. Clearly, there’s something she’s hiding.

And as much as she’s happy to dismiss these questions about her health as conspiracy, she’s clearly seen the need to attempt to dismiss them. Unfortunately for her, I don’t think opening a pickle jar on the Jimmy Kimmel show is going to do much to convince her critics…. especially when Kimmel admitted that it was staged.

She spoke in Cleveland, Ohio yesterday, and before she could even begin speaking, another one of her coughing fits erupted. She joked that she coughs whenever she thinks about Donald Trump – so he must be living rent free in her head.

Not only that, after the candidate who hasn’t held a press conference in nearly 300 days decided to field a few questions from reporters…. before her cough made that impossible to continue.

As Dennis Michael Lynch reported:

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee who could potentially become the next leader of the free world, has demonstrated yet another sign of impending illness as she suffered another coughing fit on her airplane flight from Ohio to Iowa. It all came out in front of the traveling press and media.

After her Labor Day event in Cleveland, Ohio, she boarded her new campaign plane where she took questions from the press in a designated cabin. However, instead of actually being able to answer their questions, Clinton had to cut the press meet up  relatively short because of an impending coughing fit.

Liz Kreutz from ABC News, who was aboard the flight to the Quad Cities area of Iowa, sent out a tweet in reference to Clinton being upstaged by her own respiratory problems:

And what were some of those seven questions that she fielded before excusing herself? Trust me – they were hardly hard hitting. The press hammered her with questions such as, “How was your labor day weekend?” and “Are you ready?” Another asked, “Do you have a Labor Day message?”

How tough. When she does meet with the press she’s given a handful of softball questions, and she’s not even capable of fielding those.

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