Hillary Supporter Asks For Time To Get Over Election… Prof Gives BRUTAL 7 Word Reply

Across the country, it was rumored that some professors were allowing their distraught students to skip class or miss assignments because Donald Trump won instead of Hillary Clinton. One student at Colorado State University must have heard about these rumors, because they tried to pull it on their professor. But he did not get the response that he expected.

“The election of the most evil hateful person to ever run for president has me very upset and I need time to process it all and get centered,” the student wrote. You can read his full message below:


The professor wasn’t having it, though. The student was schooled with a brutal seven word response: “In accordance with the grading rubric, late posts will not be awarded full points.” Ouch.

The professor spoke with the Independent Journal Review about the situation. “Students need to realize that we live in a republic where majority rules. That means that the person you voted for doesn’t always win, but you have to just deal with it. Colleges and professors who baby their students because they’re upset over the election are not doing them any favors. Throwing a tantrum or becoming a basket case when life doesn’t go your way is not how adults behave,” she said. “I can’t imagine what these students will do once they enter the workforce and have a difficult boss or a challenging project, or have personal setbacks. We are raising a generation of crybabies who can’t handle life, and if they don’t get it together I’m very worried for the future of this country.”

It’s about time someone had some common sense to dole out for these pampered cry-baby college students. We need more college professors like this one.

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