Hillary Supporters Call For Assassinations “What’s Better Than 11 Dead Cops, 12 Dead Cops!” (VIDEO)

The following video is a crowd of never-Trump, pro-Hillary protesters, marching along the road chanting for dead cops.

Hillary Clinton supporters, aka haggard, brainless, zombie, anti-American, gender-confused gun hating, offended by everything – liberals, proved once again why the democrats lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

This video is a perfect example of why aliens don’t want to speak with us, and more importantly, why liberal democrats are complete idiots who should be ashamed to protest like this.

They want dead cops. They are literally protesting against the people who signed up to protect America, making a paltry salary, getting no respect from hoodlums, criminals, and social justice warriors simply because they go to work and do their job. Maybe if some of the people protesting against the police, and calling for assassinations of police, would get a life and a job – then they wouldn’t have time to waste on meaningless, pointless, idiotic protests like this.


There’s only one group of people who can say anything bad about police, and that’s the 80s rap group NWA. It was a different time back in the day and tough times did exist. But it’s not the 80’s anymore and we’ve evolved into an America who accepts people for who they are. We respect police and we know that if the cops are giving us a problem, then it was probably our fault to begin with. A routine traffic stop should always start and end with manners for each other. Out of all the times I’ve been pulled over, there wasn’t ever once a problem because I accepted responsibility for my actions and treated the officer with respect.

Why would I get mad at a cop for pulling me over, when I was the one speeding?

Is that fair to the police? Do they deserve to get yelled at when WE screw up?

Nope. Hi, yes sir, thank you sir, good day sir.

That’s how it goes.

Adults accept responsibility for their actions, support their police (because your taxes pay for it), and act like a civil human being.

The video above is a prime example of the biggest losers in America.

One day they’ll need a cop, and maybe a cop will remember this video.

But unfortunately, the cops don’t pick and chose who they protect and serve – they’ll protect you even if you’re a loser, because that’s their job and they get it done.

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