BREAKING: Hillary Supporters SAVAGELY Attacked Innocent Trump Supporters

It was a day set by Trump supporters to rally on behalf of the President of the United States. It didn’t go as planned…Or maybe it did. As supporters were peacefully doing rallying, minding their own business and bringing along signs to show their support, things turned ugly in Berkeley, CA.

Can you guess why?

Apparently this march was called #March4Trump rally, and being how it took place in uber progressive socialist Berkeley, CA, the same ANTIFA thugs that came to cause violence and chaos when Milo had a scheduled speaking event at Berkeley U., came out swinging once again…

But this time, some Trump supporters were not going to be victims to the madness. They, along with everyone else have the right to gather and express their first amendment rights without any fear of violence upon them. Yet that’s what happened. Again. The ‘brown shirts’ of our day have in their heads, justified their actions.

It shows their lack of respect for the Constitution and their hatred for the rights of their fellow man. This kind of attitude and action belongs in old world Europe, NOT America.

Videos of the chaos have circulated on social media, and it’s not a pretty sight. reported on the event:

“The “March4Trump” rallies occurred throughout the country. Thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered in states and cities – including in Berkeley – across the country to participate in #March4Trump rallies, also called #SpiritofAmerica Rallies. The March 4 Trump rallies were meant to give people a place to express their support for the president. You can read a roundup of the “March4Trump” rallies around the country here.

However, in Berkeley, things quickly started getting out of hand. Videos and photos circulated on social media of fights and people being pepper sprayed. There was a report of an elderly man being pepper sprayed.”

A number of rally goers were left bloodied by the anarchist attackers. The footage of the chaotic scene may be a bit disturbing:

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