Hillary-Supporter’s Boss Found Out She Skipped Work To Protest Trump On Women’s Day — Has BRILLIANT Response

If I could say one great thing about feminists in America today, it’s that they never quit. Not even when the cause has been won, or when the cause becomes ridiculous to carry on. Many were overwhelmed on Wednesday during the women’s demonstrations, not with compassion for women and their rights, but with the feeling that the demonstrators were just outright ungrateful.

Women around the world, for centuries, have struggled with being treated as inferior, bought and sold as property and taken advantage of in heinous ways. There has been much praying for peace and wishing for relief; sadly, even still today in many parts of the word.

Meanwhile, in America, women have the right to have children, or stay alone, work or stay home, vote or abstain. But that hasn’t kept many women in our country from pitching a royal fit, basically just because they don’t like the tone in our current Commander in Chief’s voice. There are no actual threats to women’s vital rights, but there is a threat to the jobs of the women who act like entitled jerks and use a protest as an excuse.

This gold star employee discovered just that when she returned to work after walking out to protest . . . whatever it is they were protesting.

I think it’s just fantastic that the reply to her was from someone apart of a group KNOWN to protest regularly. Apparently, there’s an art to protesting and keeping your job that these entitled princesses don’t know just yet. I also love that I don’t really have to point out the ridiculousness of this poster’s ideals because she does it herself with phrases like “this pussy grabs back.” Unfortunately for her, it looks like all her pussy is going to be grabbing is her keys to head down to the unemployment office.

(Source: Red State Watcher)

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