UNREAL! Hillary Supporters Call For More Assassinations Of Police Officers (VIDEO)

Well look what we got here. Obama’s very own ‘love child’ with Satan himself. A love child that has many voices all of which screaming hatred, murder, and nonsense.

Here we got some people that obviously have a problem with Police Officers being alive. They are chanting for their death and being very loud and proud about it.

Of course, that is easier to comprehend when you remember that it’s idiots like these that don’t have the mental capacity to make any sense. They lack the intelligence to behave like a normal human being, and ‘logic’ does not exist in their being. At all.

I mean, would you yell at a person whose mental capacity was that of a 2 year old? Of course not, they aren’t able to know any better. Well, the fact of the matter is, a 2-year old WOULD know better than to go around chanting for the death of police officers…so that tells you how low the mental capacity of these morons is. Right?

Some of them are even playing dress up in hammer and sickle face masks as they march down the sidewalk chanting their death threats.

Obviously, these keyboard warriors got kicked out of their Mother’s basement and took to the streets with their ‘rage quit’ attitudes. Half of them aren’t even sure why they are so angry…

Vitamin deficiency?

Either way…I wish their tantrums got NO coverage at all, and people in the streets acted as if they were invisible. Most of these losers are in it for the attention, and to feel a part of something…ANYTHING, even if it’s rotten.

Because if it came right down to it, and their asses were in harm’s way…they would be dialing 911 in a heartbeat to get the police out to save them. It’s already been proven.

The problem this is causing however, is the alarming spike in ambush-style attacks on our police officers. They’re hatred even if fabricated for attention, is awaking CRAZY people. Giving false perception that ‘killing police’ is a righteous cause, because… these assholes think they are creating a movement against ‘bad guys’

I’m sorry..when did the Police become the criminals, and the criminals become the victims?

Oh yes, under Obama’s rule.

Watch these videos, witness how Obama’s America is ran… then gather up your hope for the America that is about to be Great again once Trump is in the White House.

Even despite idiots like these…

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