WOW! Hillary Supporters Made SICK Threats To Our Police Last Night! Donald Trump Is P*SSED!

When they called Trump as winner late Tuesday night, I let out the greatest sign of relief ….followed by a string of victory shouts. By myself. The entire house was already asleep…

Because of who my Brothers are, I needed Trump to win. It was a matter between life and death. All my Brothers serve and protect. They are men in blue, and under Obama’s reign of terror, they have had their lives far more threatened then ever before.

I needed Trump to win. My Mother and Father who raised my Brothers to be honorable men full of integrity and love for country, needed Trump to win.

We knew that only under Donald Trump’s leadership, the healing could start. The healing needed to provide my Brothers who serve and protect with a greater shield of protection while they are out there putting their life on the line for us.

Now before he even takes the White House, this happens…

Last night, raging Hillary Clinton supporters changed “Kill the police!” all while throwing bottles and rocks at them.

Can you imagine what its’ like for the families of these police officers. Some of them, themselves have voted for Hillary, and now they are forced to go out there and provide crowd control for a people that are not seeking solution at all. No they are creating chaos and uproar simply because they didn’t get their way. It’s not a protest, it’s a temper tantrum of idiots. Enhanced with paid protesters that get bused in to make matters worse and create a story line for mainstream media to falsify and push out to the public. Unleashing fear, anxiety, unrest, and further the hatred that is already plaguing our country.


Unfortunately for us…engaging with ‘stupid’ only ensures an inevitable loss. The stupid will only drag you down to its’ level and beat you with experience. We just cannot engage.

What we can do is rise above, and start the work. The work needed for healing. This is how we can support our President, and support our country. He alone, cannot quiet the protesters.

How do you fight hate? You fight it using its’ worst enemy. Service to others, love, kindness, and handling negativity with endurance and grace.

Friends… we simply have to be tougher than our tough times. If this bitter cup full of leftist hatred will not pass. Then we drink it, and be stong. Period.

Keep your head up, and look forward to the future with hope for better days to come.

They are coming.

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