WATCH: Hillary Supporters Prove They Have NO CLUE Why They’re Voting For Her

This is both hilarious and mind boggling ANNOYING! Yes, it is possible to be both at the same time….especially when you’re dealing with Clinton supporters.

The thing is, other then the ones that are just as corrupt as her, Hillary’s supporters have NO IDEA why they are supporting her or what she truly stands for. They are like entities that walk around just accepting what she says even though they don’t understand it.

This is where the ‘boggling annoyance’ comes from…here we are with our government hanging by a string and our nation divided, and Hillary supporters are going to vote for more corruption due to their ignorance in finding the truth.

In a video created that caught fire on Facebook, a chain of Hillary Clinton supporters were read off some quotes. All quotes actually belong to Trump, only attributed to Hillary Clinton.

Guess what her supporters responded?

Check this out:

Uh. Really? I take back what I said earlier about this being hilarious…it’s actually tragic.

What is ABSOLUTELY disgusting is that NONE of these quotes even REMOTELY sound like something Hillary would say if you knew what she stood for. Which just goes to show that …. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE SUPPORTING!

There are no words to describe this level of ignorant foolishness.

Exactly what can be done when you’re dealing with stupid on such an important nation changing issue like who to make President of the United States!?


The problem with engaging with stupid…is the ‘stupid’ will grab you, drag you down to it’s level and CRUSH you with experience. We literally can do nothing…

Even if they saw this article, and it was made very clear to them that they had no idea why they were voting for Hillary…they still would stand by her like the mindless zombies they are.


Let me just leave with you my favorite definition of ‘stupid’ to explain that…

You see the truth, you know it’s truth, and still choose to believe the lies.


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