Hillary Supporters Wear SHOCKING Anti-American Costumes, Then Get EXACTLY What’s Coming to Them

Their is truly nothing more disgusting than anyone let alone an American mocking the September 11th attacks. It’s a sore spot, a sad spot for Americans that usually draws compassion and empathy but not for these crackpots.

Look at the pictures below,


The anniversary of the September 11th attacks will be coming up soon. Just in time for it two morons decided it would be funny to wear costumes symbolizing the two towers on fire. It included people hanging out of the windows and jumping to their death. Absolutely disgusting.

The people wearing them was a couple from Atlanta who appeared at a convention center packed with others wearing costumes too. But everyone else’s was normal. However, they soon got the karma they so richly deserved.

Several Dragon Con attendants got photographs of the unnamed couple and decided to blast it all over the Internet. It quickly went viral. Thank the lord. Immediate outrage ensued from people who noticed that it wasn’t funny what so ever.

The couple took off after they realized security was after them since they weren’t allowed to be there to begin with. They escaped without physical violence. But their presence lives on in internet infamy. Their vile behavior will forever be attached to their faces so they can never live down their deplorable behavior.

These people must be smoking something funny for them to think this was ok in any way shape or form. A tragedy like September 11th brought this country together and to mock it is so grotesque on so many different levels. Their is truly a special place in hell for people like this. They should be handcuffed and forced to face the families of the victims of 9/11. Then maybe they will realize the meaning of what they did. But I doubt it.

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