Hillary Supporting Principal Hires Hitman – Kills 7-Months Pregnant Girlfriend – Baby Dies

A Hillary Clinton supporting ex principal has been accused of murdering his girlfriend who was seven months pregnant by hiring a hit man. The man is Cornelius Green and he has been criminally charged with two different counts of first degree murder. The second count was for the seven month old baby. Allegedly, the person he hired as a hit an was a childhood friend from Oklahoma named Phillip J. Cutler. His girlfriend was 30 year old Jocelyn Peters.

Jennifer Joyce is the attorney for the St. Louis Circuit and she said,

What we have here is an apparent murder for hire. What we do know is Mr. Green did send Mr. Cutler through the mail $2,500 cash.”

The victim was found shot and murdered in the Central West and of St. Louis this past March. While she was seven months pregnant he was the principal of Mann Elementary in St. Louis City. Court records show the suspect and his hit man were friends from their childhood and Cutler was visiting Green the week of the murder.


Previously, the suspect was arrested in August due to the theft of $2,700 in student dance group funds from the school in which he was once a principal at. He was also formerly a member of the all black fraternity Omega Psi Phi. Little else is known about his past.

The bond he is being held on is $3 million and his attorney is Scott Rosenblum and he has stated to the media that his client intends on pleading not guilty at the trial. Hopefully that not guilty plea does not stick and they are able to convict him. These types of crimes are some of the most heinous and disgusting of all. Clearly he has psychological issues because no sane human being would do something so abhorrent.

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