DANGEROUS Hillary Thugs ATTACK Trump Motorcade And Attack Secret Service! CHAOS Ensues

In Minnesota, a Trump fundraiser turned violent when radical leftist protesters punched, kicked and spit on Trump supporters. They literally ran a gauntlet to escape being hurt by these thugs. Protesters pounded on the convention center and jumped on the hoods of Trump’s motorcade. The police finally came in and stopped it, but not until after people were hurt and terrorized.

These terrorists got into a heated confrontation with police. I am surprised that someone didn’t get even more hurt or killed with what went down there. If this keeps up that will change. Trump seems to be taking this in stride and marching forward.

From Patriot Journal:

While the media has been ignoring the shocking violence of rioters against the Trump campaign, tensions have continued to escalate. This is fueled by the left’s dangerous misunderstanding of how our nation’s political system and laws work.

When movements, such as the populist one Americans are seeing now, rise up, the answer cannot be violence and intimidation

The latest was particularly violent and is pushing the boundaries any candidate should have to endure, though the media’s blackout on the event is making some think the media would be OK if something terrible happened to the candidate they clearly dislike. This time video has been caught of the event. The Gateway Pundit reports:

Protesters at a Donald Trump fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center got between vehicles and jumped on the hood of a Secret Service SUV in Trump’s motorcade as the candidate was leaving the building.

Police can be seen moving in to clear the protesters but only after a major security breach had taken place.

The media is absolutely silent on this. It is disgraceful. This level of intimidation should not be allowed period. It doesn’t matter what candidate you support… you should be able to do so freely, peacefully and without worry of being attacked. There are now reports that the vehicle that Trump was in himself was attacked.

Michele Bachmann had this to say:

…Bachmann said the protesters were using profanity to verbally harass Trump supporters, spitting on them, and were so much a threat to the community that police officers advised people that they needed to leave through alternative exits….

The ‘protesters’ morphed into rent-a-mobs, and then they became ‘rent-a-thugs’ looking for a beat-down. It was nothing more than Obama/Hillary’s lawlessness and disrespect for decency playing out on the streets of Minneapolis. The only idea the left seems to understand is physical violence used to intimidate political opposition. These brute thugs who attacked Donald Trump’s vehicle demonstrate exactly why we need to elect Donald Trump as our next President of the United States, so we can see respect for the rule of law return again in this country.”

Minneapolis should be ashamed. The police did their job here and protected Trump supporters who have every right to attend a fundraiser and support whomever they want. That’s their constitutional right. Every one of those nutty protesters should have been arrested for inciting violence. Things are getting really whacked out there.




A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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