Uh-Oh, Hillary! Trump Just SMASHED Down The Hammer On Crazy Vote Recount Scam

Hillary Clinton has somewhat disappeared into the background since her sad defeat by President Elect Donald Trump. She resurfaced twice for award ceremonies.

Her biggest comeback was when she partnered with Green Party candidate Jill Stein to file paperwork asking for an official recount in specific key states during the election.

The President Elect and his transition team released an official statement on the ordeal where his campaign insisted that the election is over and that everyone needs to move forward. Most importantly, they called Stein’s efforts nothing more than a money grabbing scam for her own selfish purposes.

Watch Jill Stein speak on the issue here,

Trump has put together a team of lawyers who among many other things has called these recount efforts lawless, insulting and a farce. They called Stein a bottom dwelling candidate. Insisting that constitutional chaos will ensue if this recount is followed through with.

This recount is an incredible waste of tax payer money. She began at $2 million and that number has grown to $7 million increasing the number of people who find her actions to be suspicious. But regardless of their attempted efforts to regain the election it thus far has proven not as fruitful as they perhaps had hoped.

While the margins between Trump and Clinton decreased in the majority of counties that were recounted Trump still came out as a winner. The states whose final election night tallies were being questioned were Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to name a few.

Pennsylvania is one of the most controversial because it was one of the last states to be called for the electoral college that gave President Elect Trump the nomination. It does not matter how much back room maneuvering they try to do, nothing will change who the President is.

In Hillary Clinton’s own words, our country was founded on free and fair elections and secession of power. She certainly is biting those words now. She should take her own advice. Leave Trump and his team to start doing that work to move our country in the right direction.

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